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on Aug 04, 20

Male Sex Drive: Everything You Need to Know

Sexual drive can stay high late in life, but often your energy for sex can diminish. There is always this misconception...

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on May 28, 20

7 Secrets for a Steamier Sex Life

Sex is an integral part of any romantic relationship. However, people who have been together for long would agree that...

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on Mar 11, 20

Low Testosterone Symptoms

Testosterone is probably one of the most important male hormones. Often referred to as the T hormone, it is responsible...

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on Feb 13, 20

The Hottest Ways to Spice Up Your Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’m sure you have a lot of romantic things planned. After all,...

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on Jan 24, 20

5 Evidence Based Ways to Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is one of the most important male sex hormones.  It’s normally produced in the testis. The hormone is responsible...

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on Nov 14, 19

6 Foods That Lower Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that plays several key roles in the body.  Healthy levels of testosterone are needed...

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