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7 Secrets for a Steamier Sex Life

Sex is an integral part of any romantic relationship. However, people who have been together for long would agree that it’s not nearly as steamy in your late 40s and 50s as it used to be in your 20s and early 30s. Well, several things affect your sex life, including old age. The good news is that there are things you can start doing today that will at least help reverse these negative effects. Here are a few suggestions:

1.    Fix Your Relationship

Maintaining a good and fulfilling relationship with your partner is the most important step towards a steamy and enjoyable sex life. Relationships are hard, no doubt, and many people tend to have problems the longer they stay with each other.

But do not give up just yet. Put in some effort to fix your love life and your sex life will be healed in the process. Seeing a counselor for example can help in airing out some of the issues in your relationship and eventually, you will be able to sit down with your partner and work things out.

2.    Embrace Self-Pleasure

Masturbation often gets a very bad rep, especially for older married people. Well, it is a very good thing. Masturbation does two important things. First, it helps you explore your body, identifying the pleasure zones that deliver intense arousal. Secondly, masturbation is a healthy sexual habit and it may help improve sexual function in the long run. To make things steamier, consider mutual masturbation with your partner.

3.    Attitude Is Everything

It is important to feel desirable and sexy for your partner. Sex is after all more of a psychological thing than a physical one. People who feel attracted to each other are more likely to have a steamy and passionate sex life than those who don’t.

In that case, if you have some insecurity about your body or your looks, talk it out with your partner. Try and also do everything you can to make your partner feel attractive and beautiful too. Throwing in a few compliments towards her and flirting with him now and then can go a long way.

4.    Introduce Some Kinks

One thing that makes sex boring is the same old routine. If you have been having sex the same way for 10 years, then you’d be forgiven for feeling jaded and disinterested. You can start fixing this by adding a few kinks into your sex life.

And I’m not saying you go full BDSM unless of course, you’re into that kind of stuff. I’m talking about simple stuff like wearing sexy lingerie, having sex in different locations, or even sexting. You may also introduce some sex toys in the bedroom. Either way, the ultimate goal here is to make the experience unique and different from what you are used to.

5.    Talk about It

Remember the brain has a lot to do with sex than any other organ in your body. Talking dirty to your partner and telling them what you going to do in the bedroom is very arousing. I understand that talking dirty is probably beyond the comfort zone of most couples out there. But you’d never know how good it feels until you tried it right?

Sex is all about setting the right mood and talking about it does that very well. Besides, you also want to communicate with your partner about your sexual desires. It doesn’t matter how dirty they are, just let them know what’s in your mind. And if there is also something you don’t like, be sure to also tell him or her.

6.    Kiss More Often

Sex is of course one of the most intimate moments in any relationship. But it is not nearly as romantic and passionate as kissing. The kiss is the ultimate show of love and as such, you may want to do it more often. And we are not talking about that innocent peck you give her on your way out to work. You want that deep passionate French kiss that makes her feel loved and appreciated. Kissing is often the precursor to sex and it can help you feel so close to your partner.

7.    Energize and Exercise

As you get older, your body may not always be energized enough to have sex as regularly as you used to. This is why you need to start exercising and eating healthy foods. Exercise helps with two things. First, it ensures you have the strength and energy to make love. Secondly, exercise also keeps off the weight. This leaves you feeling sexy and attractive, something that plays a key role in enhancing your sex life.

Enjoying a steamy sex life is not as hard as it seems. Yes, relationships change over time but there are so many things you can do to enjoy these intimate moments with your partner. The tips above should be a good start.

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