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About ReStimDM

The pro-sexual nutrient matrix in ReStimDM is the secret to unlocking male sexual potential. These three key ingredients are essential to produce the special benefits to this unique daily maintenance (DM) blend.

Key Ingredient


As a unique combination of apple, grape polyphenols and saffron, EnoSTIM is a natural male enhancer that has been shown to support healthy blood flow and promote erectile function. EnoSTIM may reduce reactive oxidative stress by 74% through its polyphenol properties. Through this action, it also protects and enhances the effects of nitric oxide and may increase blood flow up to 50%.

Key Ingredient


LJ100 comes from a medicinal plant in Southeast Asia – Eurycoma longifolia. It is also known as Malaysian ginseng and used to support energy, mood, and libido. LJ100 has been shown to increase free testosterone and DHEA, as well as encourage healthy cortisol levels. It can also improve energy, feelings of well-being and support muscle strength. Overall, it can enhance erectile function and improve sperm quality.


Beta Alanine

As a non-essential amino acid, beta alanine can benefit muscle strength, recovery, and endurance. It can delay neuromuscular fatigue and increase muscle carnosine concentrations. Beta Alanine also supports exercise performance and muscle strength.