on Oct 15, 18

What Do Women Really Want?

What do women really want? Ask the average adult male, and you’ll likely be met with a confused look in his eyes. The mystery of the female is an age-old puzzle that’s been challenging men since Adam took that fateful bite of fruit to please Eve.

Because men are easy to understand, it’s easier for women to meet their needs than vice versa. However, when it boils down, most women share some common needs. Understanding these needs—and more importantly, satisfying these needs—is the key to solving this puzzle. Here are a few things that the majority of women really want.

Unconditional Love

It might sound really predictable, but women want unconditional love. They want to be perfect for you and put a lot of pressure on themselves to be perfect for you. They work hard to juggle career, family, children, and time for you in order to make your relationship run smoothly.

With all that said, there will be times when you face obstacles in your relationship. You might share a run of unlucky finances, an illness, or career setback. She needs to know that even when she’s not able to keep all those balls she’s juggling high up in the air, that you will be there.

She doesn’t want her decisions questioned, but she does want the supported. Your confidence in her will help her pick herself back up when she needs a boost.

An Honest Relationship

Honesty is important to women. Women love to share details, and they are genuinely interested in knowing the whole truth.

She wants you to open up to her and share your deepest thoughts and feelings. In fact, she cares about your opinion. Be open to answering her questions about past relationships honestly or she will just dig around on the internet to find out the whole story---then not trust you for sharing.

However, tread carefully. Be honest in disclosing the truth. But when she asks you the dreaded question, “Do these jeans make me look fat,” a little white lie is always okay!

Open Lines of Communication

Women tend to be more communicative than their male counterparts.  Men tend to internalize problems. On the other hand, women need to verbalize, express, and expound on their issues and concerns.

This can frustrate men. They feel like women want to endlessly hash out a given topic. The reality is that women need to verbalize their thoughts to process them.

What does that have to do with you? Well…everything. Women need you to participate in the communication if you want to close the topic once and for all. Show some empathy, mirror back her statements to ensure that you have a clear understanding and show her that you will partner with her when needed and support her emotionally in whatever decision she makes to solve the issue. The truth is, though, that she will gladly do likewise for you the next time you need help figuring something out

To Be Your Top Priority

Women want to be your top priority. They aren’t crazy, they know that they aren’t the center of the universe. However, they want to be the center of your universe! This is the reason that she loves for you to call or text her throughout your day, even when you’re swamped. These gestures create an importance around her. She really appreciates you taking the time to do these things.

Making her your top priority may sound like an impossible mission for you. You have a lot of things going on and they all need your careful attention. That’s fine. Sometimes you will need to shift priorities to get everything done. Make her feel as though she’s still the top priority, even when she isn’t.

A Loyal Partner

First and foremost, women want a loyal partner. By loyalty, she means both physical loyalty and emotional loyalty. That’s an important distinction. In today’s world of social media and online dating, she wants to know that you rely on her—and only her—to meet your needs both physically and emotionally.

She wants to know that you place such a value on your relationship that you’d never risk it on another woman, ever, for any reason. Unfortunately, this is hard for her to express because she doesn’t want to be seen as begging for your loyalty. She needs you to want to be loyal to her. And only her!

Great Sex

This bullet point is one that you can probably happily relate to. The desire for a great sex life isn’t unique to men. Women also want a fulfilling and satisfying sex life. However, her idea of fulfilling sex probably varies widely from yours. 

When you read the phrase “satisfying sex life,” you probably had the thought of getting down to handling business right now. For men, sex is both physical and emotional. On the other hand, women are satisfied by sex more as an emotional connection. Her turn on? Emotional intimacy.

Sex is how you share the emotional intimacy that she craves. Indeed, it makes her feel closer to you. Don’t take that the wrong way, women do enjoy sex physically as much as you do. It’s just that they feed off that emotional connection that they feel during sex on a deeper level than most men do.

Physical Safety

We’ve covered the things that make women feel emotionally safe. But all people—men and women alike—want to feel physical safety, as well. While women know that they are capable of protecting themselves, they don’t want to have to when you’re around.

They want you to step up, take charge, and be the man who will protect her. I know that feminists are going to hate that previous statement, but humans are, after all, just mammals. Physical male strength is programmed to the depths of our very DNA and part of our natural reproductive drive.

Women and men are both programmed to want to give and receive love. However, the ways that we reach this goal of everlasting love and a healthy relationship vary. Knowing what women really want will assist you in building a strong, healthy love relationship.




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