on Dec 15, 21

Ways to Make Sex More Festive This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and many people are getting in the Christmas spirit! As you prepare to celebrate the end of 2021, take some time to make your romantic relationship more festive.

Dress up for Christmas

One good thing about the holidays is that it's pretty easy to find some costumes. Whether you will be buying it online or at your local malls, you can pretty much find a lot of options. Some options for these costumes are a little bit kinky and would make your holiday season amazing. 

Costumes that you might want to wear to make your holiday shenanigans a lot more festive are as follows: 

  • Sexy Santa – admit it, we all have a thing for Santa, especially a sexy one at that.
  • Snowman – time to make some snowmen melt this year.
  • Reindeer – some of us can be pretty kinky.
  • Christmas Tree – as weird as it may sound, some people look sexy in a Christmas tree costume. 

    Make your Christmas Tree Decors NSFW

     Nowadays, we can purchase almost anything online, and yes, this includes some adult-themed Christmas ornaments. Why not make your holiday a lot more fun and festive with this idea. Dress up your Christmas tree with some very fun and naughty ornaments. This will surely spice up your holiday season.

     Just make sure that you don’t have any kids because that will just be a whole other problem for you and your partner. Instead, you can decorate your room but don’t let your kids in, that is if you really want this kind of thing for Christmas.

    • Candy Cane Lubricant

    Yes, there is such a thing as a candy cane lubricant. Not only does it taste and smell wonderful, but it is also perfect for the holidays. So, if you have wanted some mouth action from your partner, be sure to get this kind of lube because she will definitely love this.

    • Candy Cane Pleasure Wand

    Another candy cane that your partner will enjoy this Christmas could be this very thing. A candy cane dildo will surely make your holiday sex a lot more festive than ever before. Pair this up with some naughty Christmas costumes, and oh la la.

    • Light BDSM with Garlands

    Time to replace those fuzzy handcuffs with some prickly garlands. It may be a little uncomfortable for you and your parents, but this will surely fire up your Christmas spirits. Hey, the prickly feeling might just be the very thing that can make it worthwhile.

     Add Some Sex-Mas Music to the Mix

    What better way to make your session romantic and festive than with some Christmas songs. This might be common for most couples, but it surely works. Here are some songs that you might want to check out. Not only are they perfect for Christmas, but it is also a little bit naughty:

    • Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Ann Margaret and Al Hirt
    • Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt
    • The Mistletoe Jam – Luther Vandross
    • Merry Christmas, Baby – Christina Aguilera 

    Honestly, there are so many more songs that are just right for your holiday sex. Just look for it.

    Have Fun with Frostings

    Frostings are perfect for Christmas because they make desserts much more appetizing, but desserts are not the only thing that they can make more appetizing. You and your parents could totally enjoy exploring each of your bodies with some frosting. 

    Christmas-Themed Sex Positions

    People can sometimes make the most ridiculous of things, but they are also why life is so enjoyable. Why not celebrate it with some crazy Christmas-style sex positions this holiday season. Some of the most famous of such positions include:

    • The Christmas Tree
    • Santa’s Knee
    • Stocking Stuffer
    • Jingle Balls
    • O Holy Night

    Just look it up if you don’t know any of these positions.

    Try RestimDM

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    • Increase Firmness – One thing that can make her scream this holiday season is with a mighty hard-on.
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