on Nov 02, 21

Sexual Desire and Libido Differences Between Men and Women


Research showed that sex drive differences between men and women are due to varying testosterone levels. According to Roy Baumeister, a social psychologist, men do have more sex drive than women. He proved his claim by spending his time studying different people. As he expressed, “Men think more of sex and masturbate often unlike women.”

 During that time, the New York Times posted an article by Daniel Bergen, claiming that women have more sex drive than men. So, which is which?

 Latest Research

 According to recent researches, sex drive and libido in women is not lower than in men. The sexual desire of women depends on their monthly menstrual cycle. When women are ovulating, their sexual urge is as intense as men’s.

 The hormone responsible for men’s sex drive is testosterone, which was previously believed to be responsible for women’s sexual urges. However, the latest research reveals that testosterone does not define women’s libido.

 With all of the latest research, it is evident that people have viewed sexual urges in women and men from the wrong perspective. Therefore, people must widen their views to understand libido or sexual desire in opposite sexes more.

 Libido and Aging

 Sex, as you age, may be different from when you were younger. However, sex can still be enjoyable. You can follow these tips to keep your sex life flourishing as you age:

  • Don’t Look Back. As you get older, do not dwell on sexual expectations. Do not look back on how different things were before. If you were more active as a youngster, do not let aging stop you. It is all about having an open mind and a positive attitude.
  • Appreciate and Love Yourself Today. It is only natural for the body to go through changes when aging. You will feel and look different. However, you must accept all the changes your body goes through and be confident. In that way, you will stay attractive to your partner and others. Note that honesty and confidence garner respect, which can be appealing and sexy.
  • Communicate Your Thoughts with Your Spouse. As feelings and bodies change in aging, you must communicate your desires and fears with your spouse. Also, encourage your other half to share their thoughts with you. It may be difficult to talk openly about sex. However, communicating will help you and your partner feel closer, therefore, making sex more enjoyable.

How to Restart an Inhibited Sex Life

 Some adults in their 50s or 60s give up on having a good sex life because of medical or emotional challenges. Nevertheless, that does not always have to be the case. You can start again to get back on track. Keep in mind that maintaining sexual desires at a later stage in life is all about good health. Though the road to sustaining satisfying sex can have difficulties, Knowing the issue can be the first measure to find solutions.

  • Emotional Challenges. Depression, anxiety, and stress can significantly affect your delight in having sex. Psychological problems may interfere with how you relate emotionally with your spouse.
  • Body Image. When you age, you will notice gray hair, wrinkles, love handles, and more, and you may think you look less attractive. Feeling that way can cause disinterest in having sex.
  • Retirement and other significant changes in life can make you feel uncertain about what purpose you have in life. Insecurity can make you insecure and less appealing to your partner and others.
  • Worrying about Performance. Worrying about your performance in bed or overthinking your value can affect orgasm or lack of sexual urge for you and your partner. 

Naturally, sexual urges can be stalled with aging. However, you can overcome all these challenges to maintain a healthy and happy sex life.

 Get Help. You can talk to a counselor or friend about your struggles, whether emotional or physical. However, keep in mind that you must also speak openly to your spouse. Share your anxieties and ask for reassurance.

Just Get on With It. Sex is necessary and another way to exercise. Even if your mood tells you not to do it, get on with it and practice. Once you get your habit back, you will feel better about yourself, and your desire for sex will increase naturally.

Exercise More. Having an active lifestyle will positively affect your sexual urges by boosting your energy levels and improving your health.

 Though age can significantly affect your levels of sexual activity, it does not mean that you have to stop or give up. Maintaining a good and satisfying sex life is key to a better quality of life. Always communicate openly with your partner, seek help when necessary, and take supplements when needed.

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