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Sex Drive Killers

A decline in sex drive for men, especially as they approach old age, is perfectly normal. As you start to lose testosterone and find new ways to share intimacy with your partner, the amount of sex you have is going to reduce.

However, certain factors may accelerate the loss of libido even in younger, perfectly healthy men. Here are some of the most common sex drive killers in men.


Stress is perhaps one of the most common causes of libido loss in men. You see, for men, sex happens in the brain. Men are visual creatures and will be aroused mostly by what they see. The sexual stimulation is then picked up by the brain, which in turn sends a signal to stimulate sexual organs.

However, a stressed-up man cannot have the presence of mind to focus their brain on sexual desire. He will be thinking about so many things and sex will not even cross the mind. Stress is also known to disrupt the balance of hormones in the body, something that may interfere with sex drive.


As noted above, as you grow older your sex drive will decline. This is a completely natural process and it shouldn’t worry you too much. The primary reason why older males have limited sex drive is because of the loss of testosterone.

It is estimated that on average, a man loses at least 1% of his testosterone levels each year after turning 30. With time, testosterone levels become too low, which leads to significant suppression of sexual desire.

The great news is that it is possible to boost testosterone levels even as you age. Dietary supplements like RestimDM are in particular very effective in this. Incorporating them into your lifestyle can go a long way in helping to maintain healthy testosterone levels in your body.


There are a lot of studies that have linked low sex drive with obesity or being overweight. Additionally, obesity has also been linked with severe cases of erectile dysfunction. Obese people may also suffer from image issues, something that may affect their self-esteem negatively. This creates performance anxiety, a psychological problem that limits both sexual drive and sexual performance.

Excessive Alcohol

Drinking a beer or two every now and then will have no effects whatsoever on your sex drive. But heavy drinkers face a serious risk of erectile dysfunction and declining sex drive. Alcohol is classified as a depressant. Taking too much of it will easily dampen your mood, which will in turn make it very hard to develop sexual desire.

Alcohol is also known to kill cells that produce sperm in a man’s body. Although this happens for people with a chronic drinking problem, it may still happen occasionally after incidents of heavy binge drinking.

Lack of Sleep

Relaxation is essentially vital in maintaining a healthy sex drive. After all, it’s not really possible to enjoy sex if you are overlay tired all the time. One way to keep your body relaxed and energized is getting enough sleep.

This will have ripple effects on your sex life. There are in fact some studies that show lack of enough sleep may lead to declining sex drive in both men and women.

How to Address These Issues

The solution to the sex drive killers above is pretty basic and straightforward. For example, if you are feeling a bit overweight of late, consider engaging in a simple exercise routine and see if it helps you lose some weight. As for men who suffer from low testosterone and libido, there are supplements.

Sex is emotional and intimate connection with your partner. Maintaining it will have positive effects on your sex life.

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