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Resolve to Start Your Own Sex Revolution in 2019

Have you often wondered what you could do to reinvigorate your sexual relationship? Resolve to start your own sex revolution in 2019 and steam up your sex life to your fullest satisfaction.

The original Sexual Revolution, in the 1960s, was a time when thousands of people shook free of the chains of convention and reimagined what sex could be. These people broke through the stigmas that went with sexual preferences and choices and shattered the mold of what was considered sexually acceptable.

If you’ve been in a sexual rut, it’s time to examine your sexual habits, cast aside the inhibitions that hold you back, and begin to explore sex in a new and scintillating way. Here are some incredible things you should resolve to try sexually in 2019.

1 – Reverse a Limp Libido

Is your libido low? Have you lost your sexual drive more than just a little bit? Don’t be “down” any longer.

All joking aside, many men struggle with the loss of libido and low sex drive. While the desire for sex may still be present mentally, the physical side of it diminishes as we age.

After about age 30, our bodies experience drastic changes. Factors like lower production of testosterone and other hormones contribute to that embarrassing and frustrating problem.

Fortunately for you, ReStimDM aids in helping you revive your drive by replacing key nutrients that are essential for male wellness. These nutrients combine to help improve your blood flow, aid in the production of free testosterone, and increase muscle strength to enhance your performance.

2 – Book a Sexy Getaway

It’s not an uncommon tale we hear. Some of our clients share their stories about how life interferes with their sexual curiosity and performance. We understand this.

After all, it’s difficult for you—and your partner—to let loose a satisfied scream when the kiddos are sleeping across the hall.

At least one weekend this year, skip the “staycation” in the backyard cooking out with the family for a sexy weekend getaway.

Ship the kids off for overnight visits with friends or Grandma and book a hotel room a short drive from your home. This isn’t about sightseeing destinations. This is about reconnecting with your partner for a weekend-long romp in the sheets.

Do all the things to each other that you had forgotten that you loved to do and try some new moves that will bring you both to the edge. Enjoy the hotel, order in room service, and spend time pursuing the luxury of unrushed, unhushed sex.

3 – Indulge Your Partner’s Fantasy

Over the years, especially thinking back to the earliest years, you and your partner probably discussed their wildest fantasies.

Great sex happens when both parties truly enjoy it. By indulging your partner’s greatest fantasy, you are setting both of you for a wild and satisfying experience.

If your fantasy and his or hers does not match up, that’s ok. Make it all about pleasing them anyway. In return, you will be experiencing the pleasure of giving pleasure.

If her fantasy involves handcuffs, lock her up. And if it requires strawberry cheesecake, bring the best damn cake you can find to the bedroom. Should her fantasy be about her being another woman, you’re a lucky dog, so pony up and please them both. If you do your best to satisfy your partner’s fantasy, perhaps they will reciprocate in the near future?

4 – Have Sex in the Shower

For many couples, showering together is literally just that—two people sharing a shower to save time and money on the water bill. During your sex revolution, surprise your partner by giving your daily showering routine a sensual, hot twist.

If you’ve never had sex in the shower, or if it’s been a long while since you have, it’s a tremendous experience.

There is something super sexy about the steam rising all around you, naked wet bodies, and droplets of water dripping from your partner’s hair. The close confines of the shower let you have sex standing up, one of you pressed against a wall and your bodies entwined. If you’re having sex with a woman, it might, ironically, be hard for her to get wet in the shower. Bring some waterproof silicone lubes, just to be prepared.

5 – 50 Shades of You

There’s a reason your partner (and admit it, you too) loves the 50 Shades movies so much.  They secretly wish that a powerful partner was dominating them. This doesn’t mean they are into the hardcore stuff; it just means that they are down with some alternatives to the standard lovemaking you’ve been offering. It’s a sexual revolution, why not? Indulge in some sexy domination games. Be sure to reverse roles between the Dom and the Sub. Who knows, maybe you’ll find out you like being the sub.

Not sure how to start? Here are a few ideas that will satisfy their desire to dominate and be dominated.

  • Play Worship the Dom: The Sub must spend the entire time together focusing only on the Dom. This can include dressing in the Dom’s favorite panties, giving the Dom a slow strip tease, or doing sexual favors for the Dom.
  • Light Punishment: Light punishment, practiced safely, can turn both the Dom and the Sub on more than you’d think. Light swats on the ass, having nipple clamps applied, or not bringing the Sub to orgasm until the Dom is ready are all pleasurable light punishments.
  • Earn a Reward: The Dom may offer the Sub a generous reward. It can be a nice piece of jewelry or a satisfying orgasm. Here’s the catch. The Sub must earn the reward by pleasing the Dom. As you can imagine, the more lucrative the reward, the more interesting the game can become.

As you engage in sexual games a la Fifty Shades, you might even discover that you enjoy this once-taboo method of pleasure more than you had expected.

If you’re ready to make 2019 the year you lead your personal sex revolution, these are some fantastic ways to get you started. Once you’ve opened your partner up to a brave new sexual world, perhaps you’ll discover that they, too, have wanted this all along.





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