on Feb 09, 21

Ideas to Celebrate Valentine's Day at Home This Year

Valentine’s Day is now a few days away. Most of us have been cooked up together in the house for the best part of 12 months now. There is still a chance to spice things up this Valentine’s despite the lockdowns and the pandemic. Here are a few romantic ideas to celebrate love at home this year.

An Indoor Picnic

Who says you have to go out to enjoy a nice picnic with your loved one? Yes, I know outdoor picnics have some magic of their own but there is no reason why you can’t bring that experience indoors.

Start by setting the right ambiance with some romantic cozy décor in the house. Clear out the floors if you have to and find a nice mat. Make him or her some special treats and lay down there enchanted with each other’s company.

Netflix and Chill

For couples who do not live together, Netflix and chill has become one of the most creative ways to keep the romance alive during the pandemic.

However, you can make Netflix and chill even more special this valentine by adding a few romantic touches to the whole thing.

Kick-off the day with a nice candlelit home-cooked dinner before sharing a nice bottle of wine. And just to spice things up, consider watching a nice erotic movie together for a fresh new twist.

Don’t Forget the Music

There is nothing that touches the soul better than music. It doesn’t matter which genres you love the most.

Romantic music that helps you connect with your partner should always be part and parcel of romantic Valentine’s Day plans. 

If there is just that one song that reminds both of you how far you’ve come in your love life, play it on repeat and dance to the beat in a sweet embrace. It will simply be magical.

Get Him or Her Something Special

I know that the economic devastation caused by the coronavirus has financially affected a lot of households all across the country. This is probably not the best time to splash the cash on a special Valentine’s Day gift.

However, even amid a pandemic, we must never lose sight of those we love and how much they mean to us. In that case, consider getting your loved ones a special gift on Valentine’s Day.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. Remember it is always the thought that counts. Besides, you can even make something special from scratch. After all, there seems to be a lot of time on our hands with these lockdowns.

Sexy Adult-Themed Board Games

You can also spice up the night on Valentine’s Day by playing naughty and sexy adult-themed board games. There are a lot of these games online these days.

Some can be a bit cheesy no doubt but still, they offer a unique romantic twist to what you are used to. Besides, these board games can also be an effective prelude to a night of mind-blowing passion.

Order Your Favorite Food

On a typical valentine’s day, most couples would normally go out to their favorite restaurant and enjoy a nice dinner. Do not let the pandemic put an end to this important Valentine’s Day culture. Simply make the order and have the food delivered at home.

Don’t also forget to set the dinner table in a manner that resembles the restaurant’s ambiance. Just because you cannot go to a resultant for dinner doesn’t mean the restaurants can’t come to you.

An At-Home Spa Day

You can also treat each other to a nice at-home spa day with your loved one. Start by taking a long bubble bath together while sharing a glass of wine and surrounded by candles and rose petals inside the tub. Don’t also forget to give each other massages and chill out together with hydrating face masks.

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