on Sep 08, 21

Health Benefits of Sex

Surprisingly, sex doesn’t just feel good, it is also good for your health. A healthy sex life could do wonders for the body. Here are just some of the wonderful benefits you can get from sex.

Improves your immune System

According to studies done by Yvonne K. Fulbright, a leading expert in sexual health, people who are active sexually tend to have a higher immune system than those who don’t. Sexually active people also produce higher amounts of certain antibodies than those who aren’t.

Although sex is considered good for you, it is best not to forget the basic things to make your body healthy like eating right, drinking plenty of fluids, daily exercise, and having enough sleep every day.

Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the main problems that people will eventually face in their adulthood. However, an active sex life can lower the chances of high blood pressure.

Reduces Risk of Heart Attack

As mentioned earlier, sex lowers blood pressure. By doing so, also reduces the risk of you having a heart attack. Sex isn’t just good against that, but also several different heart diseases.

It's Considered an Exercise

We all know that exercise is very important in maintaining a healthy body and as you know, sex is considered an exercise since it involves plenty of heart-pumping action and movement of the body. Sex is probably the most satisfying exercise of all.

Just make sure that you do other exercises because only some specific parts of the body are moved during sex.

Serves as Pain Relief

Have you ever had sex while you have a headache? Did you notice that the pain lessen or perhaps, completely disappeared? Sex is so effective in treating headaches that it will even work for migraines.

Other types of pain that sex can relieve include chronic back pain, leg pain, cramps, and arthritis pain. So, before reaching for an over-the-counter medicine for your headache, why not try to reach for an orgasm first?

Lesser Chance of Developing Prostate Cancer

Studies have shown that men who frequently ejaculate have a lesser chance of developing prostate cancer. Although sex isn't the only culprit for the lower chance of prostate cancer, it wouldn’t hurt, right?

For women, it is also one way to have better control of their bladder. Sex is a wonderful workout for women’s pelvic muscles which will help them later on in their lives.

Improves Sleep

Have you ever had the problem of your partner going to sleep immediately after the deed? Well, don’t get mad because this is perfectly normal for some. You see, the hormone known as prolactin is released after sex. This type of hormone is the one in charge of making you feel relaxed and sleepy. So, if ever you have trouble falling asleep, your partner next to you might just be the very remedy.

Relieves Stress

It is said that being cuddly with your partner can already soothe and relieve your stress and anxiety but with sex, it is even way better. The body releases different kinds of hormones and this would include the “feel-good” hormone. This type of hormone will activate the brain’s pleasure system which gives you a pretty good feeling.

Not only will sex boost your happiness but it will also give you a confidence boost. This means that sex isn’t just for a healthy lifestyle but also an enjoyable one.

Boosts Sex Drive

Problems with adulthood also include the waning of the sex drive. If you crave to have more libido for your body, more sex might just be the very thing that can help.

There are also other ways to increase your libido besides sex and that is through using RestimDM, a male performance-enhancing supplement.

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