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Can Aging and Sex Go Together?

Many people believe that there is a negative relationship between aging and sex. However, according to some, this is merely a pervasive view of ageism.

After age 30, most men begin to experience a gradual decline in testosterone, which may lead to a drop in sex drive and even fertility.

The Relationship Between Sex and Aging

It’s true that as one ages, their body and cognitive functions also change. However, sometimes, these changes could affect sexuality.

Still, these changes don’t mean that you should completely do away with sex. It only implies that you need to adapt to accommodate these changes in your body and needs.

How Aging Can Change Sex for Women

In general, the most significant sexual changes are recorded in women. First, many older women see sex just as vaginal intercourse, often leading to a sharp decline in sexual activity, especially if their partner is unavailable or less healthy than before.

In contrast, healthier women tend to have a higher sex drive compared to a less healthy one. In fact, the change in their sexual interest mainly results from menopause.

After all, menopause results in less or no estrogen production, which consequently changes their desire. Also, the lack of estrogen causes thinning and shrinkage of the vaginal walls and vulva, less lubrication, and heightened sensitivity.

As a result, among these women, engaging in intercourse tends to be painful. In fact, they can find a simple touch to be painful, so it may take longer for their bodies to be naturally ready for sex.

What Women Can Do To Keep Their Sex Life Alive

Once you notice a decreased libido or even discomfort during intercourse, it’s best to consult a medical provider. A healthcare provider might check for common health issues that could be bringing about these issues or aggravating them.

In addition, they can urge their partners to consider the “Three T” method. That stands for more time, more talking, and more touch.

When it comes to more time, older women often have their minds feeling ready for sex, but their bodies aren’t. Therefore, their partners need to take more time for foreplay to get them fully prepared.

Moreover, it’s better if the foreplay includes talking. Therefore, telling your partner what you need, what makes you comfortable, and what will turn you on faster. For other women, they might need medication or a hormone supplement.

 How Aging Can Change Sex for Men

Interestingly enough, men retain their sexual desire for a prolonged time than women—roughly 70% of males report sexual activity.

Similar to women, men can experience taking a longer time to get fully aroused. Therefore, you might experience a prolonged refractory period after ejaculation before being ready for another sexual cycle.

In addition, older males are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction. In fact, more than three-quarters of men above 70 years report ED. The primary cause of erectile dysfunction is low testosterone levels due to medicines used to treat age-related conditions.

Some of the medications that result in erectile dysfunction include pain medication, high blood pressure medication, stomach ulcers, and anti-depressants.

What Men Can Do To Keep Their Sex Life Active

Since mediation is a common cause of low-quality sex life, you can consult with your healthcare provider whether your prescriptions can affect your sex life.

Alternatively, you can take ReStimDM, a male enhancement pill that guarantees you a boost in vigor. Moreover, this pill will offer long-term libido improvement. It’s made of safe and natural ingredients that have been tested and proven effective.

In fact, other than increased and improved libido, you will also get:

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