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9 Positions to Enhance Your Sex Life

Feel like getting a little adventurous in your lovemaking? Check out these 9 sexual positions that every couple should try at least once.

Why experiment with positions? Sex was never meant to be boring! It’s a way for you and your partner to show affection, trust, and have a little fun. When you try new positions, it keeps the fire you have for each other burning hot, so both of you will remain happily satisfied.

You’ve gotten that pep back thanks to your ReStimDM and you’re confident that you’ll be “up” for trying out something new in bed.

Before you assume any of these positions, be sure that you have both had plenty of foreplay, are fully erect, and that she is consenting and wet enough to enjoy the fun along with you! Some of these positions we’re sharing don’t happen in the bed, so you must handle the business of getting her and yourself both eager to participate before you enjoy.

The Chair

We recently advised our readers to mix it up by taking sex out of the bedroom and to a fresh new place. The Chair position gives you a whole new use for a boring kitchen chair.       This is a position that provides you with maximum, deep penetration that will satisfy you both.

He: Sits on a sturdy kitchen chair. Wrap your arms around her to help support her as she climbs aboard.

She: Will sit on top and slide down onto his erect penis. She will do most of the work, “riding” him and making sure to accept his penis fully inside of her. Experiment with the timing, slow or fast, whatever pleases you both.

The Backwards Cow Girl

We aren’t including the cowgirl position, with her riding on top of you. To be honest it should probably already in your playbook. But you might not have tried The Backwards Cow Girl yet, and it’s a fun position for both of you.

He: Lies flat on his back on the bed. Hs should have his head supported by a pillow. After all, he will want to watch the view of her casting her sexy spell over him.

She: Climbs on top of him, facing away. She will need to insert his penis from her position. Let the fun begin. Experiment with sitting up right or leaning forward to see which is most pleasurable. This is especially fun for her if the bed faces a mirror, so she can watch the action, too!

The Sideways 69

Some women love oral sex, but they’d rather skip the 69 position. For whomever is on top, it’s hard to concentrate on giving, receiving, and not falling off.

Let’s be honest about why women don’t like being on the bottom in a 69 position. It’s because your ball sack hangs in her face and that’s a turnoff to most women.

Give her a new reason to try the 69 position by trying it sideways.

He and She: Take the 69 position, lying on your sides facing each other. It takes the work off of the “top” person, so you can both focus on the pleasure of giving and receiving oral sex.

Doggie with a Toy

Men love doing it doggie style. It give you them the opportunity to reach long and deep inside their partner and gives them a prime view of her ass. She, however, might find it less stimulating. There’s great penetration, but little clitoral stimulation to help her reach an orgasm.

She: Get in the regular doggie style position, with a vibrator in hand. Use it for clitoral stimulation while he does his part.

He: Mount her doggie style. Enjoy watching her writhe as she stimulates herself with a vibrator. You’ll both be assured of a climax.

The Desk

Have you ever fantasized about sex at the office? Don’t get fired, take that fantasy to the privacy of home. Have a sexy little role playing about a very hot but naughty assistant and take it from there. Business casual is permitted. This can be very mentally stimulating as well as physically.

She: Lies on her back on the desk (a very sturdy table will also do just fine). After his penis is inside, she can try putting legs down towards the floor, up towards the ceiling, or slung over his shoulders. Each way will give her a different but pleasurable feeling.

He: You can experiment with the depth and timing of your thrusts until you find what pleases both of you. You’ll also be hands-free to stroke your balls, her clitoris, or both.

The Spoon

If you want to awaken her with long, slow morning sex, The Spoon is a sweet way to get there. It’s slow and caressing and perfect for in bed. Women enjoy the sweet tenderness of this position.

She: Lies on her side, facing away from him. Knees are pulled slightly up with the top knee slightly forward.

He: Will lie on his side, place his top knee over her top knee, and insert himself from behind her as he spoons her. He may also reach around and caress her breasts or play with her nipples to give her added pleasure.

The V

Another position that will give you maximum penetration while also pleasing your lady is The V. It allows you deep thrusting and gives her the clitoral stimulation she craves.

She: Lies flat on her back. She raises her legs straight up, then spreads them open to form a “V”.

He: Gets on all fours, directly over her and enters her from directly above her. At the end of each thrust, you’ll grind your pelvic bone to hers, stimulating her clit.

Spread Eagle

Do you love her on top of you? She will too when you try the spread eagle position. It provides both of you with plenty of stimulation.

She: Will be on top. She will stretch her legs out to the sides while riding him, allowing deep penetration and exposing the clitoris for him to massage.

He: Will be sitting straight up on the bed or floor and will guide himself into her. Her breasts will be in his face and able to provide her with stimulation of the nipples and clitoris as she delivers the pleasure.


Nope, not the band…the sex position! The nirvana position puts you into a kneeling position and leaves your hands free to do whatever you feel they need to do to please her.

She: Lies on her back with head supported. She will slightly spread her legs and drape them over each of his shoulders. If you’re lucky, she will be able to reach down and give your balls a playful squeeze.

He: Will be in a kneeling position and upright when he enters her. This keeps his hands completely free to squeeze, tease, and please her.

There are so many more sexual positions out there than the standard missionary position. Sex should be joyful and playful. Otherwise, it will become stale over time. Take the initiative and surprise your special someone with a new position and watch the look on her face as she responds.


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