on Apr 15, 19

7 Things Women Secretly Wish Men Would Do in Bed More Often

Have you ever really paused to wonder about what women secretly wish men would do more in bed more often? Women are a mystery to most men. They send mixed signals. Take the phrase “fine,” for example. Ladies will use this phrase, exclaiming all along that things are okay when their facial expressions clearly show otherwise.

 So, it’s no wonder if men get a little confused about what women wish for sexually. Men mistakenly assume that women don’t want sex as frequently as they do. That’s a mighty broad generalization that could be true about some women but a falsehood with many others. The truth is, women love sex. However, they might just wish you’d approach things just a little differently from time to time.

 We’ve done the research. Today, we’re here to clear up the mystery about this sometimes perplexing topic, and these are 7 things women secretly wish for in bed. 

1 – Spend more time on foreplay

 While men tend to be ok with getting to the main event without little ado, your woman wants you to take your sweet, ole time. Foreplay is essential to women. They require long, slow mental and physical stimulation.

 So, if you start with kisses, rubbing and gentle nibbles all the way up and down her body, and tug at her ear with your tongue for a few minutes, that will excite her more than you can know—try it, you’ll see it’s true.

2 – Give her multiple orgasms

 Just as your special lady might not get her engine revved up as quickly as you, she doesn’t want to downshift too soon, either. Unlike men, who need a recovery period after ejaculation, most women can have multiple orgasms quite easily. One study proved that women need only an additional one to two minutes to climax a second, third, or even fourth time by providing her some clitoral stimulation with your fingers or tongue. In fact, the more times she climaxes, the fewer minutes it takes for her to reach orgasm yet again.

3 – Learn how to find her g-spot

As we discussed, your lady will tell you that things are “fine” when they are not. Sad to say it, but the same goes for your sexual performance.

And, if you don’t know how to find your woman’s g-spot, you’re probably not leaving her fully satisfied in the bedroom. The g-spot is part of a woman’s clitoral network, which is larger behind the scenes than the little nub that you’ve already discovered. It’s extremely sensitive to touch and increases her pleasure…if you know where to find it.

When your woman is lying on her back, the g-spot is located at the 12:00 position, about 3 inches in at the top of her vagina. It’s a special treat for most women, as the positioning of it, combined with women’s typically shorter fingers, meaning that she can treat herself to stimulation of the spot.

4 – Post-sexcapade cuddles

After the sex, when you want to catch a nap, women want to stay in bed for a good cuddle. This is part of the love language of women.  Sex is more than the physical act of intercourse for them; they want post-sexcapade cuddles, soft kisses, sweet words, and hugs. In short, it’s an act of love, and they view it as more intimate. So, the next time you’re tempted to grab a shower and hit the sack, stop and give your woman 10 minutes of cuddling, first.

5 –A toy story

Some women are far more adventurous in bed than others. There’s no right or wrong about this; it’s just how it is. Studies prove that only 25% of females orgasm solely from vaginal intercourse; they need to be stimulated in the clitoris, g-spot, and even the nipples to get themselves brought to the edge. That percentage shares a shockingly low number of ladies out there feeling the satisfaction of a climax. Talk with her about her desires and offer to play with some toys to stimulate her.

 Many ladies love it when you break out some special toys and experiment with her. From stimulating her with a vibrator to the mildly dangerous aura of handcuffs to the soft pinch of nipple clamps, you—and she—won’t know which toys trip her trigger until you give it a try. 

6 – Oral sex

Because of that low percentage of women climaxing from vaginal intercourse we shared, it’s only natural that women like oral sex. To be clear, they love to receive it as much as you do! So, the next time you want a blow job, stop hinting around about it. Instead, take her into the bedroom and go down on her. Once she orgasms, remember point #2 and give her a second one. You have increased the odds of receiving the blow job by giving her the satisfaction she really wants—plus, you didn’t have to beg.

7 – Ask her what she wants

Some women hesitate to express their honest desires in the bedroom. This shyness stems from childhood, when clueless parents adopt a boys will be boys attitude when their sons begin having sex while giving their daughters a lecture about waiting until marriage.

It’s an unfair, old double-standard that leaves females unwilling to express those deepest desires. So, feel free to have an honest talk about what she loves about sex with you and what she isn’t as crazy over. Respect her honesty and don’t be offended—you’ll only make her end the conversation and close up shop. Instead, offer to make note of her preferences and offer to show her how well you are equipped to satisfy her deepest wishes.

Taking the time to understand what women secretly want in bed will enable you to have a smoking hot sex life. Maybe, by listening carefully to her sexual wishes, you be opening the way to a mind-blowing sexual journey that re-ignites her senses and yours.




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