on Jan 25, 21

10 Things Men Do That Women Always Find Sexy

There is a saying that men are from Mars and women from Venus. It’s often used to describe just how different men and women see things. 

If you ask a guy what do they find sexy about a woman, chances are you will get a list of body parts. In essence, for most men “sexy” has a lot more to do with physical attraction. But women look at it more holistically. It’s not just about looks, but also their manners. Here are 10 things men do that most women find sexy.

1.    Rolling Up Their Sleeves

The forearms, especially if they are well built, can easily be ignored in favor of more predominant aspects of the male body like the biceps, shoulders, chest, and others. But they are quite attractive and you ought to show them off to your woman more often. Rolling up your sleeves in particular displays the forearms in such a way most women find irresistible.

2.    Cooking

Well, isn’t this obvious? Any woman out there will fall in love with a man that can cook. And we are not saying that you should be a Michelin Star chef to impress her. But if you can throw on the apron now and then and cook her some pancakes on a rainy Sunday morning, she will love it. And since you are trying to score more points here, how about some breakfast in bed too?

3.    Wrapping Your Arms Around Her Waist

A lot of women love public displays of affection. They don’t even ask for too much. Holding hands for example is quite romantic but if you want to take this to a whole new level, try wrapping your arms around her waist as you walk down the street.

4.    Sweating

Yea, sweating may seem unsavory and it is to some extent. I mean, it’s not like she would come and give you hugs when you are dripping with sweat. But she loves seeing you work a sweat, especially doing normal household chores or even in the gym.

5.    The “Soft Eye” Gaze

You know many women can tell what you feel about them by how you look at them. Men do have different looks. But there is this “soft eye” gaze that is just filled with so much affection. Women love that and even though most men don’t do it as often as they should, it’s a great compliment to her.

6.    Offer Her Your Coat

Offering your coat is the nicest thing you can do for any woman. We’ve seen it in all romantic movies out there and it’s just going to make her melt. It doesn’t even have to be a coat. Even something as simple as a scarf on a breezy and windy night will get her going.

7.    Fix Something for Her

Is the freezer acting out again? Or maybe this time the sink is clogged? There are always several things in a house that need to be fixed, and most of them tend to be “many jobs”. So, the next time you’re free, roll up your sleeves, fix the sink, and work out a sweat. Now, that is a really good triple combination!

8.    Neatness

Women also love a clean and neat guy. Organize your stuff neatly if you can and always make sure you smell good around her. Clean up after yourself as well. Women do not love slobs so keep that in mind.

9.    Talking With a Sleepy Voice

I know that most guys can only talk with a sleepy voice only when they are half asleep. Women love that but it doesn't have to be a one-off thing. Sometimes try to drag out your words when you speak to her even on a normal day and you will surely earn some really good points there.

10. Romantic Gestures

Romantic gestures are always good for any healthy relationship and should never be ignored. They keep the spark alive. And remember, it’s not about how big the gesture is. It’s the thought that always counts.

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