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10 Crazy Facts You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sex Earlier

Doing our past blog content research, we’ve come across some crazy facts about sex. Today, we are having a no-holds-barred unveiling of the 10 crazy facts you’ll wish you’d known about sex—and way earlier in life! Yep. We’re going there. From secret tactics to make her moan to fun facts about the sex organs, let’s explore these fun facts about sex.

1 – She prefers foreplay over penetration

Women experience sex differently than men. For men, it’s about the act of penetration. For women, it’s a total experience.

Many women prefer foreplay over the actual act of sex. From deep kissing on the mouth (or anywhere else) to caresses of her boy, the overall experience of anticipating sex is a tremendous turn on for women. In fact, most women cannot achieve orgasm without foreplay—and ongoing stimulation of the clit during sex. Take your time with foreplay, don’t rush her, and when she’s ready for you, she will let you know.

2 – Eye contact attraction

There’s a real thing called “eye contact attraction,” and guys love it. Making direct and prolonged eye contact conveys compelling messaging. This is an unspoken cue a man can give a woman. It conveys that he wants her as well as deepening an emotional connection.

Not sure you believe this? The next time you’re having sex, try maintaining eye contact throughout the entire lovemaking session. It’s a rush. 

3 – Her clitoris is made up of the same tissue as your penis

In-utero, all babies begin growing the same parts, from the same mass. Once the gene that dictates gender begins releasing hormones to the embryo, males develop a penis and females develop a clitoris.

The clitoral structure is also similar to a penis—it has a tiny head (which you’re probably familiar with) that engorges when a woman is turned on, making it very sensitive to your touch. 

4 – Masturbation is the best sex education

For most, masturbation is the best sex education they ever had, hands down. Pardon the pun. Masturbation is a normal and healthy part of your sex life. As a younger person, you first experimented with the pleasurable sensations and self-taught yourself your turn-ons and turn-offs. It prepared you for a pleasing sex life, no awkward chats needed!

Use that feedback on your likes and dislikes with your partner to enhance your sexual satisfaction throughout your lifetime. These days, you might masturbate for the sheer pleasure of it, but don’t knock yourself for it. It remains a healthy outlet!

5 – Women can experience multiple orgasms

Women are fortunate in that they are capable of experiencing multiple orgasms. Men, on the other hand, can only orgasm once before a recovery period.

The key to giving your woman that thrill multiple times? Clitoral and g-spot stimulation. While it may take 15-20 minutes to make her come the first time, continue to stroke her clit for two more minutes after she does and she will come again. And again. Some women can orgasm 4 or 5 times in one round of lovemaking with an attentive partner.

6 – Men take less time to orgasm than women

As mentioned in #5, women take an average of 7-15 minutes (which equals 100 to 500 thrusts) to orgasm. Despite the locker room talk about giving it to her all night, men take seven minutes on average to come.

So, hats off to the men who can back up that claim! They achieve that through increased testosterone. If you want to join that elite group of men who can please her for longer, consider supplements to boost your testosterone level.

7 – You release fast swimmers

You’ve heard the term “strong swimmers,” right? Really, your ejaculate flies outta there at record speeds. In its quest to fertilize an egg, your ejaculate reaches a speed of up to 28 mph. That said, this speed is only for the first ejaculation of the day—it slows down during subsequent romps within a period of 18 to 24 hours.

8 – Women have wet dreams, too

Most often, we associate wet dreams (the boring scientific term is nocturnal emission) with teenaged boys or young adult men. But the fact is that they can last well into adulthood for males. What is crazier to most people is the realization that females also may experience wet dreams.

While it’s more apparent when a male has a wet dream, women may have responses to erotic sleeping thoughts varying from vaginal secretions to full-on orgasms while they are sleeping. Who knew?

9 - Women enjoy giving oral sex

A 2018 report in Health magazine reports that 70 percent of women prefer oral sex. And, they don’t mind giving as long as they’re receiving. With everything we know now about women needing stroking and stimulation to achieve an orgasm, it comes as no surprise that women love to receive oral sex.

What’s startling to many men is that women love to give you head as part of foreplay. Remember back in point #1 when we discussed the importance of foreplay and anticipation? This plays into it. Let her choose the position, though, and here is why.

According to some recent buzz on Reddit, women feel sexy, confident, powerful and in control when they are performing oral sex on their partner. And an empowered woman on a mission to go down on you? Sexy as hell.

10 – Sex creates intense emotional responses in many people

For many people—men and women, sex can create some unexpectedly intense emotional responses.

This happens because during arousal, your body releases hormones. These hormonal levels fluctuate rapidly before, during, and after lovemaking.

So, while these hormones give you the rush of desire you feel before and during sex, they rapidly drop post-sex and can make you feel lethargic, sleepy, or even sad. The clinical name for this is post-coital dysphoria, and yes, those are real feelings you are experiencing.

An active sex life is a key part of adult wellness. With sex, you connect emotionally and physically with your loved one and strengthen your relationship. Gaining new information and products to enhance your sexual performance will keep you and your partner happier.

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